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The Colours Within

Updated: Mar 19


Director Malin Frank

Writer Natalie Ekberg

A heartfelt short film that tells the story of a lonely model who meets her new makeup artist. Despite a frosty beginning they discover their opposite struggles with colour impairment creates a bond deeper than either have ever experienced before.

This film was made to raise awareness of tetrachromacy and achromatopsia, two rare conditions that affect an individual's ability to perceive colours . The first condition is where an individual has four types of cones in their eyes, instead of the usual three which allows them to see a wider range of colours than most. However, achromatopsia is a condition where the individual is colour blind. Through this film we learn more about these conditions and what it is like living with them intertwined with a love story.

Special thank you to Lottie London for supporting this film with your wonderful makeup products.

Directed by Malin Frank

Written by Natalie Ekberg

Produced by Sara Wilkins

Associate Producer Gundel Limberg

Starring Louise Lord, Malin Frank, Derek Murphy

Cinematography Frank Hammond

Music Ken Kase

1st Assistant Camera Darcie Ellson

Sound by Doug Swallow

Makeup Artist Manon Peillex-Delph

Runner Rebecca Ekberg

Product Placement Lottie London

Art Supplied by Meghan Sims, Concetta Antico

Thank you to all our Indiegogo backers.

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