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I Am An Actor

Updated: Aug 24

Richlas Productions' short film 'I Am An Actor' was released in February 2020 at the Berlin Lift-Off Online Film Festival. The film also took part in Showcase Online Extravaganza 2020, as part of the First-Time Filmmaker Showcase (March 2020) and had official selection in the Amsterdam 2020 Lift-Off Film Festival (October 2020).

'I Am An Actor' is a short, fictional film which highlights the day to day realities many actors experience either working or trying to get work in the entertainment industry - and where only around 1% are successful. The film is set around an interview with a former failed actress turned therapist who heads a global network of self-help therapy groups for dejected and rejected actors. She talks about why being constantly rejected herself led her to open a small retreat and create her first group for other actors looking for support for the various problems they have encountered within their chosen fields. The film journeys back to the first group and the topics they discussed including rejections, stereotypes, loneliness and financial insecurity, interjected with short clips of their backstories

​ This short film was made in collaboration with Kent, England based production company One Mind Media Ltd.

Stream it now on Filmdoo

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