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Richlas Productions is a South East England based independent film production company that is focussed on producing films that explore important social and environmental issues, whilst promoting diversity and putting women at the centre of the stories and in prominent roles behind the camera.



Richlas Productions, founded in 2020, is the brainchild of Sara Wilkins, an award-nominated film director and producer hailing from Switzerland. The company's name, "Richlas," pays homage to Sara's two late grandfathers: Richard Feltham, an avid photographer, and Douglas Wilkins, a former senior sound engineer for ITN news in the UK. Both figures were instrumental in shaping Sara's passion for the film and television industry, and it is in their cherished memories that Richlas Productions was formed.

Sara is an esteemed member of BAFTA Connect, further solidifying her commitment to the cinematic arts and industry networking. 

Following the participation of her film In Her Shoes in the Lonely Wolf International Film Festival in a review they described Sara and her work as: "The experienced director Sara Wilkins, has managed to wrinkle our hearts thanks to a fantastic construction of characters and a masterful direction of actors achieving an emotional film and that when you finish, you only wish it lasts longer to enjoy the great sensitivity that its director treasures to visually narrate"

Since its inception, Richlas Productions has been dedicated to producing thought-provoking content covering topics such as mental health, sexual assault, violence against women, and bullying. Sara's vision is to leverage these short films to foster open and honest dialogues about pressing societal issues, challenging stigmas, and using storytelling as a powerful tool for raising awareness.

Richlas Productions strives to put women at the heart of the stories, providing gritty, empowering roles that center on women. Additionally, the company actively pushes for women to work in prominent head-of-department roles behind the camera, fostering inclusivity and diversity in every aspect of production.

Their commitment to authenticity and impact has garnered global recognition, with films screened on three continents, ranging from small local screenings to prestigious cinemas in Los Angeles. Additionally, their work has been featured on prominent streaming platforms such as Roku Shorts Daily, Lift-Off Online Network, and Filmdoo.

In their pursuit of authenticity and impact, Richlas Productions has collaborated with renowned brands like Lottie London, a major makeup brand, for product placement in their films. They have also collaborated with organisations such as All Special Kids (ASK). 

With filming locations spanning the UK, Switzerland, and France, Richlas Productions continues to push the boundaries of storytelling, aiming to make a lasting impact on audiences worldwide.



Sara Wilkins

Founder and Director


Collaborate with us

Co Productions Services

  • Budgeting: Customised budgeting solutions for film projects.

  • Crew Hire: Hire skilled and experienced crew members for your production needs.

  • Casting: Professional casting services to find the ideal talent for your film.

  • Script Coverage: Detailed script analysis and feedback to enhance storytelling, with the addition of a table read with professional actors.

  • Packaging: Strategic packaging services to get your film ready to be sold.

  • Brand Collaborations: Opportunities for impactful brand partnerships in film projects.

Actors Services

  • One-to-One Consultation for Actors: Tailored one-on-one sessions providing career guidance and advice for actors, including showreel reviewal, coaching for auditions and headshot selection.

  • Showreel Production: We offer showreel production services for actors based in London and Brighton. Please enquire to discuss further.

  • Casting Workshops: Our unique workshops in partnership with Casting Director Elisa Musson offer actors the chance to take part in a mock self tape auditions, get feedback from both Sara and Elisa and be able to go home with the footage. 

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